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Careful Deep Cleaning


30 Years of Experience that cannot be “bought off the shelf”

Based in West Yorkshire, Stuart Banks has nearly 30 years experience in the hygiene business, serving Industry and now domestic households.

Following a free survey, and then an agreed quoted scope of work we deliver a full programme of Deep Cleaning, Disinfection and Infection Prevention. As an ethical and responsible company we do not just treat your premises and leave you with our achievements. We teach the simple application of the infection barrier so that you can be in control of sustaining infection prevention.

This is not the time to to fall into complacency. As we all know corona and mutated variants of all infections are forever prowling from unknown sources.


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Our Services

Book a Free Survey
Free Survey

We provide a free comprehensive survey and quotation on request. Contact us to book.

Deep CLeaning
Deep Cleaning

Periodical deep cleaning of amenities is essential to the upkeep of hygiene standards.

Infection Prevention
Infection Prevention

Following the total deep clean we treat your premises with a cost-effective residual anti microbial infection barrier.